All your classroom content in one easy location

It's the eBooks and Digital Resources platform that makes it easier for teachers to teach.

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A powerful platform and eReader for your classroom content and resources

All your eBooks and Digital Resources in one place

Access school eBooks and interactive content from leading publishers, in our set of cross-platform native apps.

Software for collaborative teaching and learning

A dynamic and collaborative platform for teachers and students with the ability to annotate and comment in the classroom or home. 

Personalised learning and content curation

Upload third party or additional content alongside curriculum resources and share with students and classes in just a few clicks.

Not just another eReader

Technology enhanced learning for

ReadCloud provides teachers and students with a truly interactive and dynamic, social and collaborative platform.


Intuitive and easy to use, students benefit from a learning environment which enables educators to contextualise and personalise the experience for student-centric learning, whether individual, group based or classroom-wide learning. 

Interactive. Dynamic. Social. Collaborative. 

Case Studies

Powering student-centric teaching and learning

We work with schools in all sectors as well as TAFEs and training providers across Australia, to provision their digital resources and eBooks. Learn more about how over 500 leading schools across Australia streamline Teaching and Learning with ReadCloud’s unique eReading software.

A simple way to access classroom resources for teachers and students

The success of any platform is the ease of use and providing one place for our students to access all the information. Many book publishers have their own platforms but our students struggle to know where to go to for what resources. ReadCloud, when they log in, everything is there, everything is ready to go.
Cairns State High School is a ReadCloud customer

Access to content and a partner to help manage licensing

“Provision of digital textbooks from a range of publishers from one platform and the management of licensing was a key consideration in deciding to use ReadCloud.”
Caloundra State High School is a ReadCloud customer

Helping a future focused school deliver their digital strategy

“ReadCloud allows us to promote the use of a range of online resources, all with one access point… Locally produced content can be added… which allows for flexibility of use.”

A tool to assist with teaching and learning in the classroom

“ReadCloud assisted in maintaining focus as students were not navigating to various websites for publisher content… and for the teacher, the text was specific to the Class Cloud.”

Exceptional service

A team that supports your digital learning journey

Developed and supported locally in Australia

Professional development

Our commitment to you in ongoing, personalised, faculty-wide PD opportunities with our team.

State-of-the-art security

ReadCloud is committed to securing your data. All data is stored securely on Australian based servers utilising the most advanced level of encryption protocols.

Owned and supported locally

Our Australian based in-house team of software engineers and product experts are always happy to assist.

Research and Insights

Principles of remote learning

Now, more than ever, schools need to look forward and build learning contingency plans in the event of mass school closures of undefined duration. We recently co-authored a paper with the Australian Schools Principals Association (ASPA) to address and identify the various factors schools should consider in order to effectively establish, run and maintain remote learning for the staff, students and communities more broadly.

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