King’s InterHigh has partnered with ReadCloud!

Providing an easy place to purchase your e-Textbooks and enhance your child’s learning outcomes.

ReadCloud supports your child’s literacy and comprehension skill

Our Text-to-Speech technology allows students to listen to the content instead of reading it, making it more accessible and inclusive for those who struggle with traditional reading methods. It also engages multiple senses by combining visual text with auditory input.


This multisensory approach can enhance learning and comprehension, as students can simultaneously see and hear the information.

Our translation technology...

Helps students understand the meaning of text in a language they are less proficient in. By translating written material into their native language or a language they are more comfortable with, students can grasp the concepts, instructions, and information more effectively.


This comprehension support allows them to engage with the content and participate in learning activities with greater confidence

How does it work?

Ordering and accessing your textbooks is a breeze!

Check your email for a welcome invitation from us

Create a ReadCloud bookstore account for your pupil

Find your booklist and order your items for the school year

Login to ReadCloud via the Student Hub to access your books

Help and support

Get in touch

Looking for support?

ReadCloud’s customer support team is on hand to make your booklist ordering process as smooth as possible. 


Visit to submit a query or help request. A member of our friendly customer service team will help you find your booklist and place an order. 


You can also access help and support articles on our Knowledge Base!  

Learn more about the platform

What is ReadCloud?

ReadCloud is the leading platform for eBooks and digital resources, helping to make it for easy for schools, teachers and students around the world to access the classroom content and resources they need for teaching and learning. As a well-established software company, ReadCloud has been helping schools for over 10 years bring digital textbooks and resources into the classroom to make reading and teaching a collaborative and social learning experience. Read about our story here! 

Order your eBooks in one place


The simplest way to order and access all your eBooks for the school year. Browse and pay for your booklist easily.

Read and access eBooks anywhere

ReadCloud make it easy for you to access your eBooks no matter where you are on any device with offline capability!

Make your eBooks your own


You can make annotations, collaborate with your class and create highlights to personalise your eBook!

Find answers to common questions


Where can I find my pupil's booklist?

Prior to the start of the Academic Year, you will receive a welcome email from ReadCloud which will contain a link to setup your ReadCloud account and order your booklist items. Please check your spam folder in your inbox for the welcome email from ReadCloud if you believe you haven’t received it. 

I have not received an email in my inbox yet

If you have not received your email by the beginning of the Academic Year, please check the spam folder of your inbox. The email from ReadCloud may be sitting there. 

If you cannot find or believe you haven’t received an email from us, please reach out to our customer support team at or submit a query through our contact form at

How do I access the ReadCloud bookstore?

You can access the bookstore by visiting and logging in with your King’s InterHigh student email address and ReadCloud password you chose during the account setup process. Please note you will need to have an existing account to visit this link directly. If you have not created an account for the bookstore yet, please check your welcome email for instructions on contact us at to obtain instructions if you cannot find the welcome email. 

I have multiple pupils enrolled with King's InterHigh, can I order books for them in one go?

If you have more than one student enrolled with King’s InterHigh this Academic Year, you will receive separate emails for each student, containing a unique link for you to visit the ReadCloud bookstore and setup an account on that student’s behalf and place an order for their specific booklist items. It is not possible to order booklist items for more than one student at a time.

Please check the spam folder of your inbox if you cannot find the welcome email from ReadCloud before reaching out to our customer support team for assistance. 

I have a question not answered here, where I can request help?

You can find answers and additional support and articles on how to access and use ReadCloud on our Knowledge Base. You can also reach out to customer support team by emailing or submitting a query through our web form at