Digital libraries for Publishers

As a publisher, the cost of maintaining a digital library is much lower than that of a traditional one. Let us show you how easy it is to produce and distribute content to the education sector.


Custom development is our forte

Interactive content and new ways to engage learners is simple in the ReadCloud platform.  We already have over 200,000 eBooks in the ReadCloud digital library available for sale or licensing to schools across Australia. Join the digital revolution.

Graphic Interface

ReadCloud has the platform and you have the content. There is no need to try and build the interface yourself.

Reliable Platform

Our platform runs in the AWS Cloud cloud and can be white labelled or re-branded by a reseller.

Screen Optimized

Accessible on all platforms and devices, ReadCloud is optimized for desktop, mobile, web and tablet.

Content Update

We enable your content to shine on all devices. Content is easy to update and enhance with video, audio and interactivity.

Application Security

ReadCloud protects content with anti-piracy technology. Digital content encryption means no more copying issues.


ReadCloud can deliver a seamless integration with our customers’ Learning Management Systems.

Publishing Digitally = Growth

The biggest advantage of a digital eBook library is that they facilitate easy information retrieval and preservation of content.

They also offer much more versatility than print and have many benefits that make the reading experience more enjoyable for users. 

User Access to Content
More Cost Effective
Interactive Features
Secure and Encrypted