ReadCloud schools share their stories

Find out how leading schools across Australia use ReadCloud's unique eReading software to streamline their Teaching and Learning

A ReadCloud Customer Story

The King David School

Easy access to classroom resources

The King David School worked with ReadCloud to simplify access to classroom resources and content by implementing the ReadCloud platform – one place for them to access content for teaching and learning, that works seamlessly with their LMS. 

Moving to 21st century learning

The ReadCloud platform enabled The King David School to make lessons more dynamic and engaging, but also personalised, by allowing teachers to upload their own content – giving them access a large toolkit to support their students, 

A ReadCloud Customer Story

Kilvington Grammar School

Moving to digital resources

“There was already a real commitment to digital
around the school, so it made sense to actually
move forward and reduce the amount of physical
books that [students] had to carry around, really
look at those interactive resources and help reduce
costs for parents.” 


Academic Dean of Technology and eLearning

A ReadCloud Customer Story

St James College

All content in one place

“The benefit of ReadCloud is that we’ve got one portal [with] our Edrolo, our ClickView, our Education perfect, our digital resources – they’re all in one portal and so the kids, if they’ve already signed in, they just click the title or the bookmark… and they’re in and they’re working.” 


Head of Library and Digital Innovation Integration

A ReadCloud Customer Story

Calrossy Anglican School

Simplifying access to resources

“ReadCloud assisted in maintaining focus as students were not navigating to various websites for publisher content. Students’ texts were readily accessible and for the teacher, the text was specific to the Class Cloud, so always starting a class where the last left off. The ability to add additional content and links to appropriate stimulus within the Cloud was a bonus.”



A ReadCloud Customer Story

Methodist Ladies College

Making teaching less complex

“A main barrier [to digital learning] is every single different online platform that you use, has different login details, and has different arrangements with different groups. And you can spend a whole lot of time getting students to try and access a digital tool where they could actually be engaging in teaching and learning”


Director of Digital Innovation 

ReadCloud School Testimonials

Streamline Teaching and Learning

Caloundra State High School

Caloundra State High School is a ReadCloud customer
A future-orientated school that celebrates individual growth alongside academic success.

Thanks to strong BYOD uptake in their student cohorts, Caloundra SHS was able to dismantle roadblocks to online learning and promote the use of a range of online resources, all from a single point in their ReadCloud app.  

Lockyer District State High School

Lockyer District High School is a ReadCloud customer
A public school on a mission to prepare students for lifelong learning. 

With a blended model of pedagogy, Lockyer District SHS has been able to use both print and digital effectively to provide an entirely new way of teaching and learning, leading to improved communication between teachers and students.

Cairns State High School

Cairns State High School is a ReadCloud customer
A large regional secondary school that is introducing ICT with the goal to support Teaching and Learning. 

Cairns SHS enjoy using ReadCloud to collaborate within classes as well as promote the development literacy. The management of licencing from different publishers was a key factor in choosing to use ReadCloud. 

St Patricks College is a ReadCloud customer

Teaching & Learning strategy

The capabilities of ReadCloud’s offline learning platform provides students with the ability to challenge themselves both at school and at home.

Content strategy

ReadCloud provides a single login platform that enhances the learning environment by reducing friction.

Integrating digital tools

ReadCloud also embeds directly into SchoolBox, providing a seamless digital environment for students to access their resources.