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About the eReader

The eReader is specifically designed for teachers and students, offering a variety of reading tools to enhance your teaching and learning experiences both in and out of the classroom.

Opening eBooks

Let’s start by opening an eBook. Select the thumbnail of the book you wish to open. If you are opening an eBook for the first time, the reader will open to the front cover, otherwise it will pick up where you last left off. Once opened, the header and footer will float above, allowing access to the features. Click anywhere on the page for the header and footer to appear or disappear.

The eReader’s Header

In the middle of the header is the title of your eBook. In the header you’ll find (going right to left) you can: Search – for any word or phrase inside the eBook. The number of matches will appear in the corner of the text box and you can browse through the results using the arrow keys. View yours and others annotations by clicking on the Learning Annotation thread. Please refer to the video tutorial ‘Creating annotations in your eBook’ to see how to make an annotation. Next you can review your Bookmarked items or add a Bookmark to a whole page.

eReader for Teacher

For teachers, support your class planning by embedding a page of your eBook using ReadCloud’s Page Launcher. Simply click or tap to copy the page link to your clipboard; You can then paste the link into OneNote, Word, your LMS or even an email. When clicked on, it will find the application and take you directly to your chosen page. Finally, select the pen icon to access ReadCloud’s Enhanced Annotations toolkit. Please refer to the video ‘Readcloud’s Enhanced Annotations’ to learn more about this toolkit. Please note that you may not have access to all these features, which is why you may not see them all.

The eReader’s Footer

In the footer, going right to left you can: Access your eBook’s Table of Contents to navigate to specific sections of your eBook. Along the footer, you can see what page you’re on and navigate through them. Scan through pages of the eBook by clicking or tapping anywhere along the line or dragging the placer along it. You can also use these arrows, type in a specific page number, or use the touch screen to scroll through the eBook. Personalise your reading environment further by using the zoom functions and Reader settings. Please refer to our video titled, ‘Customising your reading environment’ for more on these settings. Head back to your Bookshelf at any time by clicking on the home button located in the top left of the header.